April 29 - May 1, 2016

Jim and I attend this year's ACE Spring Fling Conference being held at Carowinds in North/South Carolina with a special add-on day at Dollywood Tennessee. We meet up with Randy and Matt for the event.

That Friday we fly from San Jose to Phoenix, then to Charlotte, North Carolina via American. We arrive that afternoon. Randy and Matt picked us up at airport (they drove down from Chicago)

We checked into the Comfort Inn directly across from the park then soon went out for dinner. We had a mediocre dinner at Grid Iron but the waitress was somewhat interesting. Then we ended the evening with a fun time at the local leather bar "Woodshed Lounge" during Superhero night.

Saturday was a full day of coaster riding as we tried to hit all coasters with our Fast Pass Plus band. We ended on Fury 325, Jim's 300th coaster... it was an emotional ride for him... even a bit teary!

The weather started to get stormy for the ACE dinner event and the evening ERT on Fury had to be cancelled!

Sunday morning was still wet but they still had ERT on Intimidator. We finally hit all the coasters that day just before the ACE lunch.

We head back to the hotel to check out and drive to Pidgon Forge, Tennessee.

Carowinds Amusement Park
Comfort Inn at Carowinds
Grid Iron Restaurant
Woodshed Lounge / Bar

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