March 18, 2016

Toby and I participate in our third "Fight for Air" fundraising climb for the American Lung Association. Toby's company, Weil, organizes a group of climbers and I tag along.

I started to feel 'ill' just prior to the climb and almost decided to bail, but after taking numerous meds, I felt up for it. Toby and I picked up his co-worker (I forgo her name) and headed up to the city to join the rest of the climbers.

We met everyone at the Bank of America building, all donned in our green Weil shirts. We had a 9:45am departure time, so we headed down to the basement to stretch and warm up.

To my surprise (and with my illness) I beat my time from last year with a 12:40 second climb. I really found my rhythm and only stopped once for water.

Once at the top they had snacks, beverages and great photo opportunities. Shortly after the climb I started to feel my illness creep back in so we promptly went home.

American Lung Association
Fight for Air Climb

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