February 7, 2016

On a bright sunny Superbowl Sunday, we held our tradition of going for a hike while the rest of the world are in their living rooms watching the big game.

We decided to check out Brooks Creek falls on the coast in Pacifica. Toby drives us to the coast, but when we arrive in Pacifica, Toby's car was making a strange grinding sound. We were not sure what to do since we just arrived at the park. We decided since we're here just to hike. Apparently there was not enough rain to have water coming down the falls so basically the hike was a dud, we will have to do it again later.

We left the park and made it home OK, but the grinding sound came back once we arrived back at the house. Toby had to bring the car into the dealer where a replacement part was needed. He had an Altima rental car for a while afterwards.

Brooks Creek Fall

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