November 29, 2015

On the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, the weather brought another fantastically clear day. We wanted to head up to the city but wanted to see something new. We decided to see the Mosaic steps. I've seen a lot of photos of these famous steps but have never seen them.

On the drive up to San Francisco (I drove) we first tried to find a scenic lookout but got lost, so we headed up to the famous view at Twin Peaks. It was a perfectly clear day to see the city from this vantage point.

Then we drove to the inner Sunset area where the Mosaic steps were located (off 16th and Moraga). The beautifully tiled steps lead up to yet more steps of Grand View Park.

Glad we saw this fantastic steps as well as the views from Twin Peaks and Grand View.

Mosaic Steps
Twin Peaks
Grand View Park

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