November 13, 2015

We see the Broadway Musical "If/Then" starring Idena Menzel. Kelly bought the tickets a while back for me, Toby, Julie, Louie, Kara and Sarah.

Earlier Julie met up with Toby and Kelly in Menlo Park. She kindly purchased some sandwiches so we can eat while on the road heading up to San Francisco. Julie drove her CMax.

Earlier that day in Paris ther was a terrorist attack on several venues throughout the Parisian capital, since San Francisco is Paris sister city, they showed support with the 'French' colored lights on City Hall.

The musical was OK by most of us, although Kelly loved it. I found it a little hard to follow the storylines, which involves a woman's path in life and how it would have been different depending on which decision she makes early in the show.

If/Then The Musical

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