October 15, 2015

Three years ago a goiter on my right side of my neck was detected. It was been biopsied three times and have come back negative for cancer. This past year it basically doubled in size to a flatten tennis ball and needed to be removed. if not it would eventually obstruct vital arteries and nerves.

Dr. Moir, an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) doctor with PAMF performed the procedure at the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Stanford.

Toby and mom came with me during the procedure and visited with me during my recovery. The actual procedure took about two hours and went perfectly according to the doctor. When I woke up I had an IV in my left arm and a tube coming out of my neck draining blood. I had very limited mobility while hooked up but was comfortable in bed.

I stayed one night in the Blake Wilber center right next to the recovery area and was released the next morning.

I was very impressed with the care staff at the Surgery Center in Stanford.

Dr. Melinda Moir
Dr. Anne Porzig
Stanford Ambulatory Center

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