September 18, 2015

We celebrated Julie's Birthday (Sept 8) with a nice dinner at Kabul Afghan restaurant in downtown Sunnyvale and then for a night of laughter and drinks at Rooster T. Feathers also in Sunnyvale.

At the restaurant Julie was wearing a Halloween wig, in part from the comment she made earlier about having a new hair style for the event. We made earlier comments that she should have an afro, and made some quick photoshop images of Julie in afros and corn rolls.. ha ha

Dinner at Kabul's was yummy and we had a cake to commemmorate the occassion. Julie then opened up her gifts. We gave her a scarf.

At Rooster T. Feathers, we saw the comics Lydia Popovich and the headliner Joe List. They were both very funny.

Kabul Afghan Cuisine Sunnyvale
Rooster T. Feathers

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