September 11, 2015

Jim and I attend this year's West Coast Bash event organized by Theme Park Review. We only attend the Magic Mountain portion of the event since they now have the newly redone "Twisted Colossus". This was our first Rocky Mountain Coaster experience.

On Friday, Jim meets me at my parents home in Santa Nella, after a filipino lunch (lumpia and pancit) I drive down to Santa Clarita where we stay at the Hampton Inn. It was over 100 degrees so we quickly jumped in the pool. That night we eat at Salt Creek Cafe at the mall.

On Saturday after breakfast we enter the park early for ERT. We drive Full Throttle, Lex Luthor, Goliath before ending on the new Twisted Colossus. There we run into Ericka and her friends.

We stay through lunch and then won a raffle for the behind the scene tour of Twisted Colossus at 3:15pm so we had to stick around for a while before a usual park break back to the hotel, dip in pool and Outback dinner.

We reenter the park at 7pm for the evening ERT of Twisted Colossus and X2.

Sunday we wake up early to hit the road back to Santa Nella were we have an In-and-Out Burger lunch at my parents.

Theme Park Review
Virtual Ride on Twisted Colossus (YouTube)
Real ride on Twisted Colossus (YouTube)

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