August 23, 2015

Today was the big day... the day for the hike up Cloud's Rest... we woke up early, had breakfast and we were ready to hit the trail. We had arrived at the trailhead by Tenaya Lake and started hiking at 9am.

I forgot my trekking poles so I quickly found some sticks to use, pretty ghetto but oh well it worked.

The hike started off fairly flat until the steep switchback portion leading up to Sunrise Lakes, that proved to be a challenge but doable early in the hike. The rest of the hike was more gradual until the very end once Yosemite valley was in view. Here the sheer cliff on the right initially was a mental challenge. I wasn't sure I could make it to the top manouvering the large boulders. I had to ditch the sticks to climb to the top... but we did it! WHOO HOO.

We soaked in the views from the top of Cloud's Rest, ate our lunch and then descended the peak back on our long journey to the car. The hike back proved harder than the ascent. The steep section past Sunrise Lakes killed me. But we were back near the car before 6pm. We stopped quickly at Tenaya Lake before heading back to camp.

Back at the site, we jumped into the nearby river to cool off, and most importantly rinse off. We relaxed and had dinner. We slept well that night.

Cloud's Rest Hike

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