August 6, 2015

It was overcast as we arrive Ketchikan. After we had an early breakfast we get ready to explore the town and by then it wasy rainy. We walked to Creek Street, the picturesque shopping area over a creek. We had time to kill before the floatplane excursion so we took our time shopping, stopping at a museum to get out of the rain and get updated on the internet and emails.

The rain stopped eventually but still overcast and cloudy. We head over to excursion area at 10:00 am to check in for excursion, but then it was cancelled due to still inclement weather... Bummer (but best be safe than sorry!). So now we had MORE time to kill, we continue to walk around more, we walk back to Creek Street, run into Petey and Tony, we then take tram up to Cape Fox Hill, see Well Strung about to tram it down hill. At the top of the hill we see totem poles. We decide to walk the trail downhill and back to boat by noon.

Back on the boat we attend the West mixer: We see Gary and Rick, Steve and Paul. We eat dinner at 7pm, go to Vista dining sit at table with four people, Robert and his Asian boyfriend, Jay and Will (from Belgium). At 8 pm we go to Amy and Freddie's 20th anniversary show. Very entertaining.

That evening we get ready for Locker Room party!

Amy and Freddy

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