August 4, 2015

Wake up at 6:30am and it's already bright and sunny outside and we've just entered Glacier Bay. We get ready for the breakfast buffet then get ready for the day.

By this time we were approaching the highlight "Margerie Glacier". We meet a couple from Palm Springs Gary and Rick, a couple from East San Jose Paul and Steve. The weather was absolutely ideal... sunny, no clouds... and warm! Many guests were on the top deck to get a great view of the glacier. When it got too crowded and when the boat turned around we headed down to room to see the glacier from the privacy of our own balcony, and, why not, I had wine.

The boat then heads toward John Hopkins glacier while there we go to bow of boat to see from this unique vantage point.

The boat is then on its way out of the park, it was unusually warm weather, and the pool was crowded, we head back to room to change but noticed our balcony got perfect sun, so we stay in.

That evening we have dinner with Petey, Tony, brian, Mike, Paul? And Chris? In the Vista Lounge. After dinner we see the Jewish lesbian comedian, Judy Gold. Then we walk by the dessert extravaganza by the pool.

Then it was time for the lumberjack and leather themed party. It was held in the small nighclub by the casino, too crowded but sure an eyeful.

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