August 2, 2015

Our second (first full day), was a day at sea. I didn't sleep well.

Once I got up I take photo of the sunrise then we were both up and we got ready for breakfast

We walked around the Lido deck after breakfast, then to the observation deck and lay on lounge chairs for a little while, then over to Crows Nest and Explorations Cafe (Library)

Just before noon we walk around the ship and explore the lower decks where the stores, photo gallery and Pinnacle grille is located. We relax at the Pinnacle Cafe.

That evening we met up with Petey Tony, Mike and Brian for nice relaxing dinner at Canniolli Italian Restaurant.

That evening was the first major 'themed' event... the Underwear/long johns Party, we both black/white long johns and tank tops. At first we felt overly exposed but once at the event we were ok. Fun dancing by the pool deck.

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