June 29, 2015

Monday morning it's partly overcast with forecast of thunderstorms, today was the day of our big Iceberg Lake hike. Once we were ready we head own at the main dining area we have the expanded breakfast buffet with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, etc. After breakfast was briefly walked outside to see the skies getting cloudier. We stopped at the store and bought some bear spray for 42$. Better be safe then sorry. We then went to the room to pack for our big hike.

The hike was cloudy the most of the day. The first mile was steep and woody but the remainder of the trail was a gradual incline up 1,200 feet to Iceberg lake. Many portions of the trail opened up to wide vistas of the valley below. The views were spectacular and reminded us of Yosemite Valley. We stopped often to take photos. Wild flowers were everywhere. Toby took tons of flower photos. It often felt lie a landscaper planted all these flowers!

It took us 3hr to arrive at Iceberg Lake. There were numerous people at the lake. The lake is a strange body of water protected from the sun on three sides by towering cliffs! Huge icebergs floated in the lake. Bizarre phenomenon. We stayed at the lake for about an hour having snacks and taking numerous photos. Two guys actually jumped into the lake! While at the lake it started to sprinkle on and off. We were worried it would rain or thunderstorm, it never did.

By this time my knee started to hurt a little but the trekking poles saved the day! We made it down at a good pace and we're back at the hotel before 4pm.

We were exhausted from the hike. We later decided to eat at the casual Swiss Lounge for dinner. While at dinner a large family of big horn sheep were roaming around the hotel, we could see them from the restaurant. After dinner we rested in the hotel, then on the main floor we sat in the Adirondack chairs to soak in the setting sun. The sun did get too bright so we left.

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