June 28, 2015

Sunday morning we head into the park drove on the Going-To-The-Sun road toward Logan's Pass. We passed noted sights like the Weeping Wall and the three arches.

We arrive at Logan's Pass a little after 9am, and had no problems getting a parking spot. We started the day with the Hidden Lake trail. As the trail ascended to 7,000 foot level, the trails and boardwalks were partially covered in snow. Thank goodness I had the trekking poles it helped me a lot. We made it to the very top to the Hidden Lake overlook, such gorgeous views. The skies were clear, the sun was in the right angle, and it wasn't too hot. We hiked past the lookout to encounter a couple of grazing mountain goats and several marmots. We both really enjoyed the views from the top of Hidden Lake trail, a land trapped in eternal spring.

Once back at the visitor center we rested before our next hike. Our next hike was the Highland Trail which hugs the cliff edge heading toward Sperry Chalet. Gorgeous views down Logan Creek valley. The trail then hugged the sheer rock face which had a metal cord hand railing for extra needed support if needed. We hiked past the sheer cliff for about a mile before heading back.

We were both tired and hit the road to head toward Many Glacier on the eastern part of the park where our hotel was located. We were arrived at Many Glacier at around 3:30 but to be greeting by a fire alarm. And the weather was in the upper 90s and the hotel has no AC. Once checked in, we were drained and a quick shower helped a little. We then we're finally able to relax and check out the hotel. It was still very warm and we took a nap. Around 7pm we got ready for dinner for a nice dinner in the main dining area. They sat us at a nice table by the window but the hot sun made me sweat but was able to cool down. I had a moscow mule drink, we both sorted with house salad. Toby got the prime rib while I got the Montana trout. We had the huckleberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. After dinner the sun had set and the outside temps went down a lot to something more tolerable in the upper 70s. We sat outside on the lake side.relaxing for a while. Once back inside in the lobby we tried to get online but never could. I then head upstairs to write this, it's now 11:15pm.

Many Glacier Hotel

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