June 27, 2015

Wake up early pack up car drive up to San Mateo. We Uber before 6am from San Mateo to SFO. We check in luggage at Alaska and wait in slow security line. Once past security we head to the restroom but then realize our name is being called for our 6:45 flight and that we have 4 min to board the flight. We end up running through the airport to find Alaska Flight 313 at gate A1A. We found it and boy was I sweating!

Our flight left on time at 6:45am from SFO toward Seattle. We waited at gate C2G in Seattle for our connecting flight to Kalispell Montana. Our flight arrived on time but apparently only one luggage. My luggage made but Toby's didn't.

There wasn't anything we could do but wait for it to arrive on a later flight. We got our National car rental, a black Chevy Impala, and headed north toward Glacier National Park. It was sunny and quickly approaching 100 degrees! We headed to Apgar Visitor Center. We then drove north past Lake McDonald toward the Trail of the Cedars. Once there it was nice to be in a shaded trail. Some pretty river flows and waterfalls. After that short hike we drove back south and stopped at McDonald Falls, very pretty. We exited the park and checked into The Historic Tamarac Lodge. I was able to unpack my car while Toby called the airport. WHAT!!! No luggage still, apparently it was under MY name and was there. We drove over to the airport to retrieve the luggage. On our drive back to the lodge we stopped for groceries to make spaghetti and for snacks for the evening. Our cottage had a full kitchen so we took full advantage. I also bought wine!

Back at the lodge we were able to relax, although it was hot. At least we had all our luggage. We went down to the hotel lobby to check it out. We relaxed in the lodge. Back at the cottage Toby started to make spaghetti and I opened the bottle of wine!!! We had a nice dinner with spaghetti and corn eating outside. Shocked it's 10pm and it's so bright outside!!!!

Tamarac Lodge

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