May 17, 2015

I organize a fun friend outting at the Mt. Hermon Zip Lining in Santa Cruz. We had a large group which took up an entire time slot. Who went: Me, Toby, Louie, Kelly, Felicia, Julie, Kara, and Sarah.

I drove Louie, Kara and Sara in my new car up to Santa Cruz. There we met up with Julie, Kelly, Felicia and Jimmy.

We had the 11am time slot. Once we were geared up we were ready for our 'kiddy' zip line, before tackling the real zip lines in the redwood trees over the gourge.

We had a fun time flying among the canopies, some of us were a little afraid of the heights we were standing at. Some were over 100'.

Afterwards we had a late lunch at Trout Farm Inn, not too far away.

Mt. Hermon Zip Lining
Trout Farm Inn

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