May 3, 2015

On a cool overcast day along the Santa Cruz coast, Toby and I attend this year's ACE Day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

We drive over the hill to meet up with other Northern California ACE members to enjoy a morning of ERT (exclusive ride time) on the Giant Dipper and Hurricane coasters. They had some morning beverages and drinks available.

The park then opened to the public and we were on our own to enjoy the day before lunch. At lunch we meet outside in front of the Coconut Grove where we had a smaller side room for the pizza and salad lunch. We had a couple of guest speakers present during lunch. The owners of Marini's Salt Water Taffy spoke to the crowd and told us their journey with the Boardwalk over the years. Then Nicholas showed us the latest 'Lost Park' episode on Frontier Village.

It was a fun day along the coast at the event. Afterwards we stopped by Jim and Bob's place for a short visit and to tour the latest version of their oasis.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Norcal ACE

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