March 8, 2015

From San Mateo we called Uber to get a ride to SFO for our 10:00am departure. We arrived in San Diego later tha morning to nice clear skies at the new airport, at least new to us. We rented a black Chrysler 200 then we drove to Belmont Park at Mission Beach.

At Belmont Park we rode the Giant Dipper, then had lunch at Belmont Burgers in the park. Surprisingly good burgers and fries!

After lunch we walked along the beach, fog took over the once sunny beach but the Sunday crowds were still large with people frolicking in the ocean. We sat at watched the crowd. The sun later came out and so our shirts came off! A hot surfer with an incredible body was near by.

After some ice cream Toby drove toward the hotel. We found it easily and promptly checked in. We got room 411, the rooms were nice redecorated in a contemporary purple, white and black.

After we settled in we walked to the roof to check out the views. We then walked to the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge. Later wewalked to Cucina Urbana. We had a nice Italian dinner. For a drink I had the Moscow Mule. For dinner we had stuffed squash blossoms, beet salad, rock shrimp risotto, Toby had New York strip steak and I had whole fish. The surprised us with two glasses of champagne. We walked back it was a bit chilly.

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