February 16, 2015

It was time to turn in my trusty Infiniti G35 for a new car... or should I say SUV. It was time to change to a more practical car that can carry stuff easier. I got the midsize Nissan Murano SL.

I originally wanted to get either a BMW or Audi Q5 (really a German car), but really wanted a car that just came out in a new design cycle and the Audi was at the end of it's cycle. I didn't want to get a car that would be 'old' in a year.

I narrowed it down between the Lexus NX (new model) or the Acura RDX (2nd year), but after going to the San Jose auto show was very impressed with the newly redesigned Nissan Murano, which wasn't even in the picture prior to the auto show.

So with the help of Mike (dealing with the car salespeople) I purchased a gunmetal grey Nissan Murano SL w/Technology Package... just the model I wanted!

Nissan Murano

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