December 20, 2014

We gather at the Darcy's home in San Martin for a 'Murphy' family Christmas celebration.

Toby and I arrived after the Traberts and his mom. We visited while Martha and Steve prep for our feast. Toby and I were in charge of the holiday ornament craft project. I came up with a unique beaded wire ornament that everyone enjoyed.

I then introduced the 'cube game' to play. Where two people play and are back to back with identical sets of cubes. One person must build something using all the blocks and communicate to the other person (who cannot say a word) so they can construct the (hopefully) identical structure. Fun!

We then a fabulous dinner then ended the evening with the annual gift exchange and family group photo.

We had a wonderful celebration at the Darcy's this holiday season. Very memorable. Thank you very much for a wonderful Christmas celebration.

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