December 19, 2014

Toby's company holiday party was held at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco.

The Friday Toby and I left work early to get ready for event. It was a very heavy traffic evening to try to get to the opposite side of San Francisco by 6:30pm. It took us two hours to drive to the museum... yikes! But we chatted on the drive up so it didn't seem so long.

The event was very formal and set in such a regal environment as the historic museum. The evening started with appetizers bring brought to the guests and a full open bar.

Dinner was served with food stations spread throught the reception area. There was a sushi station which I really loved. They also had a meat station with a variety of different meats.

The gave us private tours of the new exhibit of "Houghton Hall" a historic private resident of the first Prime Minister of England.

We had fun hanging out with Toby's co-workers that evening. Thanks for inviting me to your company shing ding.

Weil LLC
Legion of Honor
Houghton Hall

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