November 14, 2014

My friends treat me to a wonderful seafood dinner at the Waterbar Restaurant along the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

Earlier that evening Felicia picks me up from the cottage and takes me to Toby's office, where we met up with Kelly. From there we all drove up to San Francisco on a Friday night to meet up with everyone at the Waterbar.

I picked this restaurant since I wanted seafood and especially oysters... which I LOVE. We had a wonderful time and our table faced the lights of the Bay Bridge... very pretty. After our meal we opened up gifts before heading out.

We drove to the Castro where we had after dinner drinks at the Eureka Lounge. From there Louie, Toby and I went to Beaux to check out the hot go go boys... HOT.

Waterbar San Francisco
Eureka Lounge and Restaurant
Beaux Nightclub

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