November 5, 2014

On a Wednesday after work we head up to San Mateo for a fun craft night of Decoupage!

I met Toby at his office and then we drove up to San Mateo. Martha was already there and we had a yummy split pea soup dinner. Also there were Sheila and Georgia, Gretchen and Moira.

The decoupage craft was one of Georgia's crafts at school, so she was the one to ask questions. We all had stretched canvas boards and numerous paper to use and small items to play with. We used Modge Podge to adhere all the items to the canvas. I had a travel theme to mine.

By the end of the night we all had various items covered in Modge Podge. We needed to have the items dry to become transparent. We left them in San Mateo to dry over night. It was a very successful craft night.

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