September 8, 2014

Our last day on Bora Bora... sob.

We wake up to pouring skies and total grey coverage and wind. 

We head out to breakfast around 7:30 am, our last breakfast. On our walk we talked to the Palm Springs couple who were flying out around 11:00am for Papeete where they were staying one night at the Intercontinental on Tahiti before flying back to LAX a day after us. We had a nice full breakfast with coffee. We say goodbye to Stefan the Restaurant manager. 

It was still raining when we left breakfast and used our umbrellas walking back to the bungalow.

We spend the next couple of hours packing. 

At exactly 11am we leave the room with our luggage left behind. It was still raining and we walk to the front desk were we ask about the evening plan and our day room. It was still raining so we just sit around the front desk where people are checking in. They give us internet codes to use later.

We decide to head to the Bubbles Bar to hang out since it was still raining. We talk to a couple who were from Texas but the groom was from Danville and they were on their honeymoon. 

It seem to stop raining although still cloudy. Samuel did a coconut tuna demonstration. We had tuna in a coconut shell. We decide to sit under umbrellas by the shallow end of the pool. I sentence to the ray feeding at 2pm. Since it was cloudy the rays were not too active. Back by the pool, We endure the loud Brazilians who just never stopped talking... And loudly. Toby was real into reading his book so I went and rented a paddle board. Another couple was also going to paddle board so I took the blue one so they could have matching ones.

While out on the paddle board I saw sting rays swim underneath. Suddenly large waves approached from a boat and I lost balance and fell off. I actually fell twice! That blue board was hard to balance.

I didn't stay out long and headed back in. We swam in the pool for a little bit. It started to rain and heavily but we stayed under our umbrella. The heavy rain didn't last. We then went out on the lagoon, Toby went on the paddle board and I went out on a single kayak. More rays swam underneath. We could tell that new people have checked into our room!

Back at the chairs we dipped in the pool to rinse off and then ordered lunch. I ordered that Mahi Mahi sandwich and Toby ordered a burger. I also ordered a Piña Colada.

After lunch it was time to say goodbye to the pool crew. We headed to the front desk to get keys to our day room #5. At first our luggage was not in he room. We showered and got ready for travel. I got a handful of sand from the nearby beach. We then waited at the front desk to wait for our boat ride at 5:30. By his time the skies opened up again and constant rain fell. Felt. Jammed for those who were just checking in. I talked to a couple from St. Louis who had the same schedule as us. Many of us were on the same flight so of took two boats. 

When it was time to head to the dock we took umbrellas and walked out. We waited for the baits who took us out to the a out for our flight. It was pouring the entire boat ride. The airport at Bora Bora was busy with activity, we checked in and waited for the previous flight to depart, our flight was soon after. The flight was 45 minutes.

At Tahiti we exited and waited in The terminal for the Air Tahiti Nui to open their checking counter. While waiting in the boarding area we shop I. The Duty free shop.

Our flight Air Tahiti Nui flight 102 boards at 11:05 but doesn't depart until almost midnight!

The flight is quiet, we have a meal just after taking off. I sleep a few hours. A couple of hours before landing we have breakfast. I have a crepe.

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