September 7, 2014

Bright morning although breezy. At least not wet and rainy. Today was a relax day in the bungalow.

We go eat breakfast early around 8:00 am.

We take jumping photos at end on deck.

Stayed in the room throughout the entire morning. Laying out in sun and jumping into the lagoon.

We talk to the front desk about our arrangements for Monday.

We see the coconut demonstration by the pool at noon. Samuel was our pool boy / cocoanut boy. I talked to the Asian couple, they are from Palm Springs and she is Filipino.

We swim in pool and talk to two ladies from Atlanta. This was there first day, and our last full day. 

We then head back to the hotel. Relax at room. Still breezy and noticeably cooler.

Get ready for dimmer around 7pm for dinner at The Reef. We again did not have reservations and they sat us outside. But we only sat for a moment then it started to rain so everyone who sat outside ran for a covered table inside.

Tonight the service was noticeably slow, it took a while for entree. But we were not in a rush for anything so it seemed ok (although I was getting antsy since I was hungry).

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