September 6, 2014

Real wet morning

Wore rain jackets to breakfast.

Ready for excursion, we got our fins, then walk to dock, stopped raining. It was 9:20am.

5 other people, a French couple, an Italian couple a woman from South Africa.

Drove past St Regis and Four Seasons. Past airport.

First stop was just past the main entry to Bora Bora in 30' water to swim with black tip reef sharks and lemon sharks. Lots of fun. Almost touched the lemon shark.

Second stop was just by the Hilton on a shallow reef around chest deep to see Sting rays. I held one.

Third stop was past Matira point to the coral gardens.

We then made a stop at a private island for snacks before being dropped back to our hotel. He dropped us at the dock by our room. It was a little past 1:00pm.

I was getting bored. Toby was reading his book and I decided it go into the water and walk to shore. From there I rented the paddle board and paddled to our room. When I met Toby he walked to shore following me on the paddle board. I returned the paddle board and we got two kayaks. We kayaked back to the room to retrieve the fins we used on our excursion.

They had live music for happy hour but we enjoyed the music from our deck.

We had dinner at 7:15 at The Reef. It was a nice evening and we sat outside where the dancers performed the previous night. I had spring roll starter, Mahi Mahi for the entree and then pear for dessert. There was still live music half way through our meal.

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