September 5, 2014

Our second full day. We whole up more normal time around 6:00 am. It was super windy outside. 

There s a dead gecko in the lime ale can! Must have crawled in during the. Night.

We went out for breakfast around 8am at Reefs for another buffet... Very nice. We then walked around toward the chapel. We noticed the shells here are alive! 

As we walked back to the room they were making up the room so we walked to the end of the pontoon and took jumping photos. They were done shortly so we were able to enter, and shower.

We're talking it easy just hanging out on our deck. I went swimming I. The lagoon with the GoPro.

Around 1pm we rented snorkeling gear and set up by the chapel lagoon to snorkel. Saw colorful fishes and different types of coral. I thought they were soft coral but they were not.

At around 2 pm I went to the sting ray feeding. This time I fed the rays. They even climb up on my leg!

We then sat by the pool to swim in fresher water. We sat in the shade

We then rented two individual kayaks and paddled around the claws and out toward the main dock.

Head over for dinner but first talk to concierge about the ray and shark half day excursion for Saturday. We then go to Reefs at 7:30 pm for dinner reservations. It was a "world" buffet. After dinner at around 8:00 pm was the Polynesian show. It was all Tahitian dancing, and it ended with a fire dancer. We left when toward the end when they were taking photos.

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