September 4, 2014

Our first full day in paradise. We both wake up super early. We watch the sunrise.

We have the American breakfast around 8:30 am. We sit on the edge is Reef Restuarant. I get a sweaty spell! I eat a lot hoping to quell any lunch appetite.

We stop briefly to talk to concierge. We walk back to the room but walk out to furthest dock for pictures of the island.

We set the lounge chairs out on the deck to sun ourselves and to read. We get briefly interrupted by the rain.

We swim in the lagoon. I go out to the bout, Toby joins me.

We rush to get to the 12:15 boat to the La Moana. I couldn't find my Keens.

Windy at other hotel. Water was super choppy.

Walk on Matira Beach. Calmer water but cloudy.

Stop by small local grocery store, we buy Absolute Vodka, canned beverages and water. 

Hang out at La Moana resort wait for 1:45pm boat back to Thalasso.

Return all items to our room. Hang out on our deck for a little bit, I make myself a vodka lemon.

We then head back to the beach and rent paddle boards, first there was only one available but then lady was done and we had two. We paddles to our  bungalow and then back.

We then relax by the pool and stay for happy hour and sunset. I get the Thelma And Louise martini. It was a pretty sunset. They had live music during happy hour. Very nice.

We went back to our room changed for dinner. We ate at The Sands. The menu plan was confusing and the wait people aren't very helpful or quick. But we were not in a hurry. I had shrimp with an ahi appetiZer and apple tart. Toby had a Caesar salad, salmon with risotto .

After that it was another early night to bed. By 10am.

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