September 3, 2014

As we approached Tahiti, they fed us an omelet breakfast. Again surprising! 

We arrived in Papeete Tahiti around 4:45 am! We went through customs with no issue and met up with the Marama Tours which had a lei flower greeting. We had to claim our luggage and recheck into Tahiti Air which took a long ass time.

We went through security and waited for our inter island connecting flight to Bora Bora.

We seem to have waited a long time. We talk to a couple from Colorado on their honeymoon, the groom was cute with pretty blue eyes. We also talked to a gay couple on their honeymoon as well. They were staying at the St Regis.

We all finally boarded flight 402? The hour flight brought us to Bora Bora, we flew over the island and we saw the resort from above. It was a bit cloudy when we arrived.

We checked with our hotel welcome desk and then we boarded a boat to the resort. We briefly chatted with a couple from Saskarchewan. 

Once on the dock we boarded a cart which drove us around the grounds and finally to reception. All new guests sat at tables where we had wet clothes and vanilla tea to drink. We signed papers and then we given the use of a day room #8 since our bungalow wasn't ready. We took quick showers and walked around the grounds. We stopped at the reception desk to as a question to only find out that the room was ready! Yeah!

We boarded a cart and they brought us to out bungalow #237. Wow what a nice bungalow that faced the main beach. (Cheapest). So nice.

We settled down and unpacked our stuff. It was still early so we walked back to the main area to sit and relax. We soon had lunch at Sands Restaurant where I had the Bora Bora drink, and a Mahi sand which. We then sat  by the shore. 

We saw the ray feeding around 2 pm. I took some GoPro footage of the rays. There was a brief heavy downpour around 2pm, so the ray feeding was slightly delayed. The guy came out for the feeding, the water was too churned up for underwater footage. 

Then we sat by the pool. Swam. We walked around the grounds out to where the ocean was, to the fitness area, and somewhere by the chapel. We then headed back to the room.

We showered and got ready for dinner. We headed down to Reefs Restaurant but to find out that dinner buffet would not be ready until 6:45pm. We then went to the Bubble Lounge where I had a Pineapple Mai Tai before dinner. We missed happy hour! We then headed back to the restaurant around 7:00 pm for our Asian buffet dinner.

The fish was fresh and I had a lot of Nigiri sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese type foods. I was hungry and seemed to eat a lot. I had custom ramen noodles made. Yum. 

After dinner we walked around the grounds at night which were a glow in large colored ball lamps. Very pretty. We then strolled back to the bungalow around 9pm.

What an exhausting day! We changed and seemed to be in bed shortly afterwards. We zonked out! Nighty night.

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