September 2, 2014

Today is the day we've been looking forward to all spring and summer... our trip to Tahiti. This was originally going to occur during my actual BIG Birthday but summer months was the dry season so we opted to go earlier...

All ready and packed we leave Menlo Park around 9:20am. I drive my car and hit the road after the morning commute has died down. We drive straight to my parent home.

In Santa Nella we fill up the gas tank before stopping at my parent.

At my parents home they treat us to an early lunch with soup and sandwiches from Subway. Unexpected but not.

We left my parents at around 11:45pm and hit I5 toward Los Angeles. Traffic was uneventful and we made a pit stop at Buttonwillow. Los Angeles traffic wasn't too bad either and bore you know we were in West Hollywood. 

We parked in front of The Abbey (max parking 2hrs). It was warm in the mid 80s and I wanted a cool drink. We walked up and down Santa Monica Blvd and stopped at Starbucks for and iced coffee. 

We contacted Julie who met us at the coffee shop. We then walked up and down The street. We walked back toward the Abbey where we sat down around 5:00pm. We ordered drinks and around 5:30pm Fred showed up. We ordered drinks and had a fun time catching up. We left around 7:00 pm and brought Fred to his place and where Toby and I changed for our flight.

We left Fred's around 7:30 and drove down La Cienega toward 10. We took the 10 it the 405 to 15 and then exited on Nash. We parked at the long term off airport lot called Auto Parking lot. 

From the parking lot the shuttle driver promptly drove is to the international terminal (Tom Bradley) at LAX. We checked into our Tahiti Nui airlines, went through security and waited for our flight.

We left from Gate 140, but had to board a bus to the plane. We sat in 25k and 25l 

The plane departed around 11:20pm toward Tahiti. The served us a late dinner ( which was a surprise) . We tried to sleep for most the trip. I had some pain from gas which kept me up. Toby slept well.

Tahiti Legends Travel Agency
The Abbey - West Hollywood
Tahiti Air Nui

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