April 19, 2014

This year we spend the family Easter in Fremont at my brother's home.

Toby and I first meet up with the family at Newark Buffet for a filling Asian style lunch. Typical for a buffet we over ate. At the buffet we met up with Janell and Victoria.

From the buffet we then headed over Andrew's home nearby where we were introduced to Victoria's new boyfriend, Eric and his 4 year old son Kodi.

Easter wouldn't be complete with an egg hunt. Shortly after arrival we hid eggs throughout the backyard. Once mom yelled 'GO' the kids were frantically searching for the plastic eggs and the gifts they contained.

April is a big birthday month for the family. We celebrated Toby, Andrew, Aaliyah and Kodi's birthdays. Cake and ice cream soon followed. Happy birthday everyone and Happy Easter to all!

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