April 18, 2014

On Friday evening we gather once again at First Street Billiards for a 'Casual' Alisal reunion. This gathering was of various graduating years from our old high school in Salinas.

The event was centered around the Bay Area arrival of Tony from his home in Mexico. From this the word got out quickl,y with the help from Birdie, that a gathering would be occuring.

Toby came with me and met some of my classmates and people he's only seen via Facebook.

I had a blast catching up with people since the last time we all got together which was 5 years ago in the same location. Everyone seemed the be exactly the same, just a tad bit older.

Speaking of older, Randy, Janice and myself represented the 'oldest' graduating class at this get together. Some people were not even in high school yet by the time we graduated... now that's OLD!

Alisal High School
South Street Billiards

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