March 29, 2014

Toby and I sign up to do the "Fight for Air Climb" fund raiser event for the American Lung Association with his company Weil. This is their signature fund raising event throughout the US hosted in prominent skyscrapers, stadiums or arenas. The Bay Area held their climb at the Bank of America building in downtown San Francisco, the building with the most floors (57 floors and 1,157 steps).

That Saturday was a very wet and rainy day (one of the wettest in a while), at least the climb was inside. We met up with other members from Weil and prepared for our 9:30am 'run' time. We gathered at the lowest floor and waited in line for our ascent up the stairs.

Eva went first followed by Toby, I went next. I first started running up the stairs, but after a few floors that quickly became a walk. They had water stops every 7 floors, I stopped at 4 of those!

At the top they rang a bell as each participant finished. I made the climb in a little over 17 minutes. Toby climbed in 14 minutes. I originally thought the climb would take longer.

After the climb the group gathered for snacks and drinks at the reception area on the 2nd floor.

It was a fun event and I'm sure we would do it again, it was fun and for a great cause. Next year MUST beat my old time!

First for Air Climb

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