February 24, 2014

My Grandma 'Macing' passed away on February 11th. She was my grandmother's first degree cousin. She lived in Daly City. The memorial service was on February 24th at the Holy Child & St. Martin Episcopal Church in Daly City. There was a funeral procession to the Golden Gate National Cemetary for a short service. Afterwards there was a buffet luncheon at Moonstar Asian Buffet in Daly City.

That morning I drove separately up to Daly City. My brother drove my parents from Fremont and my sister rented a car and drove in from Sacramento.

It was nice to see relatives whom we haven't seen in a long time but wish it was under different circumstances. The service at the church was nice and it was full and standing room only. There was a long procession to the cemetary for the service in the chapel. Lunch was immediate after the service.

Moonstar was a nice gathering to eat yummy asian buffet food and to really get a chance to talk to relatives. We had old family photos to show and laugh about. I love my family!

Holy Child and St. Martin Church
Golden Gate National Cemetary
Moonstar Asian Buffet

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