August 15

August Birthday Party

We celebrate Charley's 12th Birthday, Cameron's 9th Birthday, and Georgia's 6th Birthday at the Cerna's in Redwood Shores. We had a fun time hanging out with the family, and riding the kids skateboards.We gave the kids framed picture of the six grand kids in Tim's pool from last year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • We bring some flowers from the yard.

  • Georgia and Poppy.

  • Look at Poppy yawn!

  • Hanging out in the family room.

  • The framed picture we gave the kids.

  • The ice cream birthday cake from Baskin Robbins.

  • Charley! What's that in your hand???

  • I'm sure rusty in my skateboarding skills.

  • Alan and Georgia.

  • We havent played with a tether ball in years.

  • Look at Georgia's advance scooter skills!

  • Barefoot on a skateboard... daring!

  • The kids blowing out their birthday candles.

  • But first let's light the candles!

  • Georgia snuggling with Martha and Steve.

  • Cameron and one of his penguin gifts.

  • Toby also gives Georgia this mirror.

  • Georgia and some new stuffed animals.

  • Toby and Martha help Georgia with her new puzzle.