Windy Hill

January 1 • Spectacular views of the Bay and Portola Valley from his peak off Skyline Blvd.

Zeni Cafe

January 3 • Dinner with Sylvia while she is visiting from Hawaii at her favorite Ethopian restaurant

Ski Dodge Ridge

January 14 • Perfect non crowded weekday ski trip at Dodge Ridge on a beautifully clear day

The Horse Park at Woodside

January 19 • Kay shows us the Folger's Stable and the Horse Park she trains at in Woodside

Spring Rolls in San Mateo

January 25 • Before dinner we bring ingredients to make these refreshing Asian appetizers

Cedric's 11th Birthday

January 25 • Celebrating my nephew's 11th birthday at a Laser Tagging party in Newark

Cataract Falls Hike

February 3 • On Superbowl Sunday we hike on slopes of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County

Dad's 75th Birthday

February 9 • We celebrate my dad's milestone birthday with family in Santa Nella

Collage of San Mateo

February 10 • On a clear day we head up the hill for views of the Peninsula from the collage

Sheila's Birthday

February 10 • Family gets together in San Carlos to celebrate Sheila's birthday

Splash Nightclub

February 16 • Going out with friends Saturday night clubbing in downtown San Jose

Death Valley National Park

February 18-20 • DAY 1: We fly to Las Vegas and then drive to Death Valley and Dante's View

Death Valley National Park

February 18-20 • DAY 2: Our full day in Death Valley we visit Badwater Basin and Scotty's Castle

Death Valley National Park

February 18-20 • DAY 3: Last day we tour Marble Canyon and Mesquite Dunes before flying home

Celebrating Kelly's Birthday

March 1 • Friends get together for Kelly's birthday at Stephanie's home in Morgan Hill

"Gold Striker" Construction Tour

March 2 • ACE has a special tour to see the construction of the new coaster at Great America

Petey and Tony's Baby Shower

March 16 • We head north to Tony's sister home in Cotati for Nalani Nicole's baby shower

Saint Patrick's Day

March 17 • We celebrate this festive Irish holiday at the Cernas home in Redwood Shores

Portola Valley

March 24 • While dog sitting my parents dog Chicka we go out for a hike in Portola Valley

Easter at the Murphy's

March 31 • For Easter dinner the family gets together at Kathy's home in San Mateo

Toby's Birthday at Butterfly

April 2 • Celebrating Toby's big day with a waterfront dinner in San Francisco

Monica & Matthew Wedding

April 13 • The Steffan Wedding Ceremony at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Burlingame

Gathering in San Martin

April 14 • With family in town for the Steffan Wedding, The Darcy's hosted family get together

Lumineers Concert

April 19 • Friends meet up for dinner and a concert at the outdoor Greek Theater in Berkeley

Aaliyah's 4th Birthday

April 20 • The family meets up at Andrew's home in Fremont to celebrate Aaliyah's 4th birthday

Atlantis Events Cancun

April 27 - May 4 • DAY 1: First day of our week vacation we fly to Cancun's Club Med resort

Atlantis Events Cancun

April 27 - May 4 • DAY 1: First day of our week vacation we fly to Cancun's Club Med resort

Atlantis Events Cancun

April 27 - May 4 • DAY 1: First day of our week vacation we fly to Cancun's Club Med resort

Atlantis Events Cancun

April 27 - May 4 • DAY 1: First day of our week vacation we fly to Cancun's Club Med resort

Atlantis Events Cancun

April 27 - May 4 • DAY 1: First day of our week vacation we fly to Cancun's Club Med resort

Atlantis Events Cancun

April 27 - May 4 • DAY 1: First day of our week vacation we fly to Cancun's Club Med resort

Atlantis Events Cancun

April 27 - May 4 • DAY 1: First day of our week vacation we fly to Cancun's Club Med resort

Gold Striker Rollercoaster

May 9 • Early ride on the new coaster during a special promo shoot event at Great America

Andrew's Birthday Dinner

May 10 • Celebrating Andrew's milestone 50th birthday with Mexican dinner at El Burro in Newark

Firefly with Friends

May 11 • Weekend dinner with good friends in San Francisco's Noe Valley

Mother's Day

May 9 • My sister and I join Mom and Dad for brunch at Anderson's in Santa Nella

Yosemite Valley and Hetch Hetchy

May 18-19 • Day 1: Spend the day in Yosemite Valley seeing the touristy sites

Yosemite Valley and Hetch Hetchy

May 18-19 • Day 2: Second day we tour the less visited Hetch Hetchy Valley and reservoir

Pride Night at Great America

May 24 • Kelly and I (and friends) attend the private event at California's Great America

Colin's 6th Birthday

May 26 • The family meets up in Fremont to celebrate Colin's 6th birthday

Ohio Coaster Trip

June 1-5 • Visit Six Flags Kings Island near Cincinatti and Cedar Point in Sandusky

Weil Summer Picnic

June 8 • Toby's company summer picnic at Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay

Dinner at Radius in San Francisco

June 8 • Celebrating Louie and Brian's birthday at Radius, a local-sourced restaurant in SF

Bill & Maria's 50th Anniversary

June 15 • Congratulations to Billy and Mimi's parents! Fun afternoon surprise pool party in San Carlos

Gretchen's 50th Birthday Party

June 15 • Birthday gathering at Gretchen's home in Burlingame to celebrate her big milestone

Father's Day

June 16 • Fun family time in Santa Nella to celebrate our father on his special day

Purisima Hike

June 23 • A short hike on Purisima Open Space Preserve during a heavily foggy day

SYMmertime Fest

June 27 • Symantec summer ice cream musical social at the Mountain View campus

Cottage Party

June 27 • The family gathers at our cottage for a Hot Dog get together in Menlo Park

San Francisco Pride Saturday

June 29 • We celebrate gay pride at Pink Saturday in a crowded San Francisco

Gray Whale Cove

June 30 • We cool off this summer spending time at our favorite beach in Pacifica

Thousand Trails

July 4 • We celebrate Independence Day with the family in Morgan Hill

Camping at Richardson's Grove

July 7-10 • Our second year camping in the redwood forest in Humboldt County

Joe and Gretchen's Wedding

July 13 • Ceremony at St. Catherine's in Burlingame then reception in Hillsborough

Connoisseur Marketplace

July 21 • Attending one of the big annual street fairs in downtown Menlo Park

BBQ in San Carlos

July 21 • Family get together for a summer BBQ at Tim and Pattys home

Justin Timberlake / JayZ Concert

July 26 • We attend the sold out concert, and last concert held at Candlestick

Celebrating Kathy's Birthday

July 29 • The family gathers in Redwood Shores to celebrate Kathys big day

Rich and Kit Visit

July 31 • My San Diego friends stop for a visit on their drive home, we go to dinner at Nolas

August Birthday Celebrations

August 5 • We get together in San Mateo to celebrate Charley, Georgia and Cameron's birthdays

Jessica & Nic's Mexico Wedding

August 6-11 • DAY 1: Mom, Dad, Toby and I fly from SFO to Cancun via LAX then to the resort

Jessica & Nic's Mexico Wedding

August 6-11 • DAY 2: Checking out the resort and then the fun scavanger hunt with wedding guests

Jessica & Nic's Mexico Wedding

August 6-11 • DAY 3: Take a day trip south to the picturesque seaside Mayan ruins of Tulum

Jessica & Nic's Mexico Wedding

August 6-11 • DAY 4: A relaxing day at the resort mostly poolside then nice teppanyaki dinner

Jessica & Nic's Mexico Wedding

August 6-11 • DAY 5: The big wedding day has arrived, gorgeous beach wedding the reception

Jessica & Nic's Mexico Wedding

August 6-11 • DAY 6: Last day, it's time to leave and head back home to California

Black Sand Beach

August 18 • On a foggy yet muggy day we go to the beach in Marin County and then Sausalito

Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

August 25 • We attend the large annual downtown arts and craft street fair in Palo Alto

West Coast Bash

September 8 • Ride new Full Throttle at Magic Mountain at this year's West Coast Bash event

Martha's 50th Birthday

September 8 • Martha's birthday celebration at Clos LaChance Winery in Morgan Hill

Celebrating Julie's Birthday

September 12 • Dinner with friends at Thai Spice restaurant in Willow Glen

Elain & Stuart's Reception

September 14 • Elaine's mainland wedding reception at Silicon Valley Capital Club in downtown San Jose

Don's 60th Birthday Bash

September 22 • BBQ / Elvis celebration at our aerobic instructor Don's home in San Jose

Depeche Mode Concert

September 26 • At the Shoreline in Mountain View for a fun concert with our favorite 80's band

Knott's Scary Farm with MiceChat

September 28-29 • Special Halloween event for Scary Farm, also my first haunted park maze experience

NOLA with Kito

September 8 • Dinner with Toby's co-worker Kito who was visiting from the New York office

ACE Night at the Haunt

October 5 • Fist time attending the Halloween Haunt event at Great America

Castro Street Fair

October 6 • Nice day in San Francisco for this unique annual street fair

Avett Brother's Concert

October 12 • Dinner then evening concert at the America's Cup Pavilion in San Francisco

Olivia's 14th Birthday

October 5 • Get together in San Carlos for dinner and birthday celebration for Olivia

Santa Barbara

October 20-22 • DAY 1: Fall vacation roadtrip to the California Riviera and impromptu wedding

Santa Barbara

October 20-22 • DAY 2: Rent bikes and ride around the beach and downtown Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

October 20-22 • DAY 3: Visit the Santa Barbara mission and then the town of Solvang

Halloween TKB Workout

October 26 • Akiko's themed Halloween costume workout at Sunnyvale 24hour fitness

9th Annual Monster Bash

October 26-27 • We visit with Tony and Petey at a Halloween costume party in Sacramento


October 31 • Toby treats me to a nice dinner at the Tonga Room in San Francisco

Alan and Victoria's Birthday

November 2 • The family gets together for an asian luncheon at Newark Buffet

Bocce with the Gang

November 9 • My friends get together for my birthday with Bocce then dinner in San Jose

Biking over the Golden Gate

November 24 • Gorgeous day for a bike ride from the Marina Green over the bridge to Marin


November 29 • Family get together for Thanksgiving at parents home in Santa Nella

Shooting at Tumey Hills

November 30 • Fun day of target shooting with hand guns, rifles and shot guns

UXC Summit

December 4 • Symantec's First User Experience Community Summit in Mountain View

Christmas Tree

December 8 • This year we get a table top Christmas tree from Home Depot

Symantec Holiday Event

December 12 • Symantec celebrates the holidays with their employees in Mountain View

Weil Holiday Event

December 12 • After work I attend Toby's office holiday party in Redwood Shores

Emily's 12th Birthday

December 20 • Birthday dinner and celebration for Emily in San Carlos

Holiday Turbo Kick Box

December 21 • Akiko's 90 minute special holiday turbo kick box class in Sunnyvale

Darcy's Holiday Gathering

December 21 • Holiday crafts, dinner and get together in San Martin

Lunch with Julie

December 23 • Catching up with Jules a lunch at Yoyo Sushi in Santa Clara

Christmas in Santa Nella

December 24-26 • Fun family holiday celebration at parents home in Santa Nella

Visit Fred in Salinas

December 26 • After Thanksgiving I drive down to a very warm Salinas

Purisima Hike

December 29 • Symantec's First User Experience Community Summit in Mountain View